July 2023 News Update

We are thrilled to announce the triumphant completion of the construction documents for the Pompey Park Recreational Center Project. 

The culmination of countless hours of meticulous planning and innovative design, these documents represent more than just paper and ink. They stand as a testament to human ingenuity, a blueprint of dreams transformed into concrete reality. As the final strokes of the architect’s pen hit the page, a symphony of anticipation echoes through the air, resonating with the knowledge that a vibrant and awe-inspiring community space is soon to be born.

Bid Package Completed

The Bid documents for the Pompey Park Recreational Project have been finalized and are currently undergoing review by the city. With anticipation building, the release of the bid package in a couple of weeks will unveil a trove of possibilities. This highly anticipated milestone promises to be an exhilarating moment, as the city opens the doors to a world of potential collaborators and groundbreaking ideas, igniting the spark that will bring this exciting project and the community to life

Material Selection Completed

We are excited to introduce you to an array of colors that have been chosen for the Pompey Park Recreational Center Project. As the design team, Justin Architects, delved into the heart and soul of our vibrant city, they discovered a kaleidoscope of inspiration. Drawing upon the mesmerizing cobalt blue, reminiscent of the depths of the ocean. These carefully selected materials embody the very essence of our community. They tell a story of dynamic spirit, boundless energy, and a collective passion that will infuse every corner of this extraordinary space, leaving visitors breathless and inspired.

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