Frequently Asked Questions2021-09-20T18:45:57-04:00


How do I share my input?2021-09-15T12:28:09-04:00

You can email the project design team through this website to share your input. Click HERE to contact us.

How will the project be funded?2021-09-15T12:27:35-04:00

This project is funded by the Delray Beach CRA.

What does this project consist of?2021-09-17T13:06:12-04:00

The Pompey Park Community Center and Campus project consists of the construction of new facilities and the enhancement of existing amenities at Pompey Park. Click HERE for more information.

When will the project be complete?2023-07-21T20:26:19-04:00

Project Completion Expected Spring 2025.

Will this affect access to the park and its facilities?2021-09-15T22:53:26-04:00

Certain park facilities will be temporarily inaccessible during the renovation process. Renovation and construction activities will be phased among park facilities to minimize disruption to access as much as possible. Any foreseen disruption will be communicated to the public prior to work beginning.

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