Pompey Park is named after long-time Delray Beach resident C. Spencer Pompey and covers 17.5 acres of land. Adjacent to the recreation center is the Pompey Park Pool with both swimming and wading pools.

Pompey Park Amenities Include

  • Gymnasium
  • Auditorium with a Stage
  • Full Kitchen
  • Indoor and Outdoor Basketball Courts
  • Baseball
  • Lighted Pitching and Batting Cages
  • Outdoor Lighted Tennis Courts
  • Outdoor Lighted Racquetball Courts
  • Playground
  • Conference Room/Meeting Rooms
  • TV/Lounge area

Recreational Programs Include

  • Youth Team Sports
  • Tee Ball/Youth Baseball
  • Adult Athletic Leagues
  • Step & Dance Teams
  • Karate/Martial Arts
  • Instructional Classes
  • Pickleball
  • Football & Cheer Camp
  • Diaper Sports (Ages 2 – 5 years)
  • Senior Club
  • Open Gym


Pompey Park Recreational Center has provided recreational resources, senior programs, after-school programs, summer camp, holiday camp, and other school‐age programming for the surrounding neighborhood since its construction in the 1950s. An estimated 150,000 people utilize the building each year, while more than 40 organizations and civic groups utilize it monthly.


Previous improvements were made to the Pompey Park Recreation Center including, renovations to the locker room, the construction of two meeting rooms, two offices, a television room with a 35-inch TV, a large storage area, and a new entrance with a sitting area. Additionally, the auditorium was renovated to include upgrades to the audio-visual system, flooring, kitchen and bathrooms.


Auditorium renovations including a new audio-visual system, new flooring, and upgrades to the kitchen and bathrooms


New construction including two meeting rooms, two offices, a television room , a large storage area, and a new entrance with a sitting area


Locker-room renovations